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Bowhunting southern Wisconsin whitetails with the peak rut about the first week of November.

Question: When to start grunting/ rattling. I have heard a handful of different opinions on when to start being aggressive with calls...just want your opinion.

Thanks Tim

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use a conjunction of rattling and grunting about the begginning of the rut. not the pre rut but the rut. it brings in the big bucks.

Jeff Whetzel

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Never did much rattling but there are so many different types of grunts a buck uses you can just about grunt anytime. Early in the season use soft contact grunts and get more aggressive as the rut progresses.

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I am by no means an expert on the topic, but this year I really tried the whole grunting rattling combo during the rut, and it lured in a massive canadian whitetail. This old boy came in grunting and thrashing bushes, he was completley oblivious to my presence. I would grunt then rattle and then be quiet for about ten minutes, then repeat the process, I truly believe that is what brought this deer into me.

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