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Group hunting?

I just registered to site so very new:) I also just started bow hunting this past winter due to the influx of rifle hunters in MN. Archery has proven to be a much better sport imo. Anyway I am going to be bear hunting for the first time this fall with 3 firends of mine. The plan atm is to have 2 blinds set up each with 2 people in it and a camera on a tripod in each to catch any action we may get. The only thing that worries me is having 4 people on one site might be too much human scent,e ven though the blinds have a carbon layers to help with that and we use Scentlok on our clothes/bodies. Has anyone else group hunted bears liek this before and what was your outcome? I am considered having two sites and two people persite instead of us all on one site. Any input would be appreciated. Also I was told taht bears can be very territorial and that the chances of 4 of us getting 4 bears at one site is next to impossible. But after reading many of the forums here it seems some people have seen up to 6 bears on one site. What is the final word here? thanks Mr. Cool!


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Group hunting?

hello and welcome to the site....I would be a bit nervous about human scent with four people as well....how close are these two blinds going to be to each other and are all four of you going to go in together in one group or are you all going in on different paths/trails etc.....I'm sure some other bear hunters on here will have more input...good luck!

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Group hunting?

One question:

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