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The Grizzly Man Death Caught On Tape

Last night I heard that the Grizzly Man's death might have been recorded by a camera that got bumped and turned on in one of the tents. The guy that was telling me about said that there is no video but that the camera picked up the audio from the attack. He said that it is chilling to say the least. He said that you can find it online but I have not been able to find it. I'm not sure if I want to listen to it anyways but it peaked my interest.

Has anyone heard it or know if this is just a rumor or not?

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Are you talking about

Are you talking about Timmothy Tredwell?  There was some audio of him and his girl friend getting killed, there may have been some video as well. At one time it was on youtube.

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I don't want to copy and

I don't want to copy and paste it, so I don't look like I am trying to get points, but look in the "Death" section of his Wikipedia page.  It tell about the attack, what they found, and about the 6 minutes of audio that was recorded.


Not saying anyone deserves to have this happen, but he sort of was asking for it.  Some of it even mentions that he would say he "hated humans".

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heard of them

I've heard of these recording existing.  Never had the urge to want to watch or listen.  Personally I get nothing but disgust out of watching stuff like that.  I don't care who it is that's getting killed.  I'm perfectly capable of stomaching it.  I'm by no means squimish.  I just don't enjoy seeing people suffer in pain and dying.  Death is a personal thing and I think it's terribly disrespectful to the dying to display thier death to the masses.  Just my opinion.  These animal lovers, who ever they are, learned a grave lesson about bears, unfortuately it was too late for them.  If they didn't know the conesquences that's their problem.  Other than that it's not like these people were bad people who hurt anyone.  I just don't get pleasure or my curiosity satisfied by watching their deaths.  That's all.

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