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Grizzly Bear Attack Question

A little bit of a debate with my buddy. If I run into a Grizzly in the woods and it's about 30 feet away, would several shots to the chest with a .44 magnum give me enough time to survive, or would it have time to maul me? Or would it die on the spot? 

Would appreciate any answers at this point.


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At 30' you would be the bears

At 30' you would be the bears lunch if he decided to charge you.  The best thing that you could do would be to place that .44 mag into his mouth and pull the trigger 6 times and hope that you could crawl out from under him. 

Also in most states and providences of Canada I would be willing to bet that you would have problems with the game and fish if you just started shooting. 

Bear spray is your best go to in the instance that you come upon a bear.  Grizzly or black. 

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30' away you might get one

30' away you might get one shot but I doubt it for the simple reason of freaking out. Unless you had your 44 out cocked and pointed in the bear's direction by luck. I would say at 30' you are done for.

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