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Great Year For Animals Expected!

As an outfitter in western Alberta, I have seen many good animals taken but, this is the year for the monsters. We have had good rain, and the feilds are green, and full, producing nice racked Deer, and Elk. I have seen at least 7 or so Bull Elk that will end up going 380 plus B&C in our zones. I have counted several deer that will become stories around a camp fire somewhere. Huge!!!
Last year we had a great year here, several bull Elk gross scoring 395 B&C, and some great Whitetail scoring over 170 net B&C.
I am sure that some lucky hunter will break the majical 400 B&C mark this season. I expect the average bull taken to be around the 350 B&C class.
Our zones are 6 points or better, and managed for trophies.
The Elk population is way up, and more animals than ever due to the great winters we have had. Our Mule deer are also on the climb, and we have seen some incredible bucks already this year too.
All of this due to the great wet spring we have had. I guess all the rain is good for something. The wetter, the better!!
Does anyone else notice the effects of the rain on antler growth?



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Great Year For Animals Expected!

wish it were like that around here havent been seeing much big deer where i hunt