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Great way to start the new year!

Finally got the snow we've been waiting for so my 9 yr old daughter and I set out to cut track on Friday morning about an hour later we found a nice size cat track. By the time I found cell service to call my buddy it was getting a little late and he was about 2 hours away. We figured as cold as it was going to get we didnt want risk trying to tree a cat with only a few hours of light and decided to try and cut it fresh in the morning. We finished the day out cutting the rest of the roads and making a few coyote stands with no luck but we cut the lion track again and found another track that ran across the road in front of us its stride was 16'-20' apart going downhill and 8'-10' going uphill. I've never seen anything like it. There were deer tracks everywhere but I could never see any definitive tracks in the powder snow that shot acrosst the road. I could only beleive it was the lion in pursuit of deer. We left and returned the next mornig to the same spot. I was showing my freinds the strange tracks and ended up walking quite a ways to try to see if we could figure out what it was. We ended up coming across a open spot with deer and lion tracks circling everywhere. Trying to sort through them all and find the freshest track I ended up following one back to a tree I bent over to follow it. To my suprise all the snow was pushed out and laying in a pile of dirt and branches was the lions fresh deer kill. We headed back to the truck to get the dogs and walked them up to the deer and turned them loose. The race was on and the dogs were making quick work of the track and in no time we could hear them chopping away at the tree as we approached the cat jumped and the race was back on. The lion went another 500 yards and found herself a large tree to climb. We took some pictures and let her go we figured she 2-3 years old and 80-90 lbs beautiful lion and a great start to 2011.



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That's cool!  Thanks for sharing the stories and pics!

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Very Cool!

That really is cool. Good pictures to go with the story.

Is there a bounty on cats out there?



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That is a great adventure.  I

That is a great adventure.  I have always wanted to try lion hunting, but with out dogs I bet it is pretty difficult.  Where about were you all hunting?

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Beautiful photos.  Love the

Beautiful photos.  Love the bottom one! 

Sounds like a fun day!