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Great Taxidermist!! For Sheep

Hope I can post this.

I found this guy (Mitch) looking for a taxidermist. He has won many awards for sheep mounts. He does mostly African animals now, but specializing in sheep. He is doing a mountain (a bunch of full body mounts sheep from all over the world) for two different guys. (he had two Marco polo sheep in his shop when I dropped off my mount.) This guy makes all his own forms for sheep which are modeled after your sheep. IMO, he is first rate and only validated by my conversations and his shop where people send him sheep and other animals from all over to have him complete. He seems to be about 100 dollars over most taxidermist, but what’s that for a sheep mount.

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Great Taxidermist!! For Sheep

Hi, Joel ... we (moderators) have modified your post a bit Thumbs up . Forum rules direct us away from advertising ... also, creative work (writing, pics, etc.) by another person has implied copyright, whether spelled out or not.

Congrats again on your Steens Ram!!!

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