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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

       “None of Nature's landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild” by John Muir. The outdoors to me is a place to explore. It is full of educational experiences. In the wilderness there are still many things that haven’t been seen or explored. Every time one travels in the woods they are apt to learn something new. When I walk into the woods my mind set is peaceful. To me the outdoors is the ultimate getaway from the hustle of work and life.

          There are trees, plants, animals of all kinds, and places of remarkable beauty. It is here where many enthusiasts travel and explore the unknown. For me when I go into the outdoors, my stress caused by work, family, and other demanding events disappear and are forgotten for as long as I remain in the woods. In the outdoors the people are at the mercy of the great wilderness. When one goes into the woods they take a chance of survival, sure there are many dangerous things outside of the wilderness, but nothing like the wilderness. In the woods lies many fears of individuals of man eating bears, and other dangerous objects, but truly most bears are more afraid than you are, and there really aren’t things out in the wilderness that are out to get you. When people get injured in the woods it’s because of the choices that they were made previous to the accident.

The wilderness is a thing of beauty, is full of opportunities for outdoorsman such as myself, and the animals that lie within the wilderness should be preserved and made sure that it will outlast many of us and be preserved for future generations. If one is looking for a place away from the city, or away from conflict at home, he or she should take a trip into the wilderness, go hunting or fishing and relax. They will realize that it is a peaceful place where many beautiful things survive and flourish.