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Great Article on the 30-06


Man, I am new to the RMEF.org site and am loving the reading over there!

Here is a great article from the site that really supports the 30-06 as an elk rifle.

The main points, I think, of this article - is that 300 yard shots are long... and 400 yard shots are REALLY long and that when you combine hunter error with the true differences between the -06 and some of the magnums that are out there - the -06 really holds up pretty well.

I continue to work to try to win the 300 RUM on this site - and if I am successful in that endeavour, I will likely try some of the Managed Recoil ammo that is available... I genuinely dislike recoil...

I did enjoy this article and hope you do, too.






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Thats another good article! I

Thats another good article! I have a 30-06, the third one I ever owned. I have never shot the first head of game with one. I have shot a lot of game with the 308, 7x57, 7mm Rem mag and other smaller cartridges. What the 30-06 would do would come as no suprise to me.

My first was about the hardest recoiling rifle I have ever shot and I suspect left a bad taste in my mouth. The second was bought to re-barrel as a 6.5x06, never shot one round thru it. The third was left to me by a guy that was like a dad to me. It's a 1903 Springfield built for him by Paul Jaeger in 1945. I have shot it a lot and it is a very comfortable rifle to shoot. I think some day I might have to take it hunting just to shoot something with it. Very accurate too! My friend Bud used to describe it's accuracy as, "you could drive nails with it if you could hit them", don't say it, I loved the guy dearly!

Since recovering from magnumitis many years ago I have always though the 30-06 would probably be the biggest cartridge I would ever need. But I ended up with a 308, my fourth, that my son has now. Personnally I think one of the greatest things about the 30-06 is the cartridges that have been built from it's case. There's any number of cartridges I would use on most game in North America, maybe all! They start at the 6.5x55 and go up. The only draw back I find to the 30-06 was that horrible reciol from my first one, probably kept me from ever being serious about one again till my Paul Jaeger came along. Just to show how bad that reciol was, I've owned a 7 mm Rem mag, two 338 Win Mags and shot 264 Win Mags, 300 wim mags, a 350 Rem mag and a 300 short mag of some kind. That first 30-06 out recioled them all!

Jim if your recoil shy, I would encourage you not to try for the 300 RUM. You said you'd shoot managed recoil loads in it? Well doesn't gain much to get that big a case with that much potentional and have it loaded down to 30-06 just so you can shoot it. You'll pay a good price for the ammo, much more than 30-06 ammo can be bought for!

BYW, I do not delude myself that the 308 can do whatever the 30-06 can, close but not quite.

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I do love the '06 and believe I own eight or nine of them at this time. To be honest though, probably 2/3 of them were rifles I wanted, that happened to be chambered in '06. The '06 works for most everything big game-wise we will find in the U.S. The only problem is that it's offspring work even better in many circumstances. The 25/06 will kill any deer that ever walked farther than most should even dream about shooting at a deer and the .35 Whelen is, IMHO, a much better choice when game gets bigger. That '06 simply spawned some offspring that turned out to be even more talented than Dad!! Yes

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a versitile classic

Ah yes the 30-06. A classic cartridge if ever their was one. A military veteran with two world wars to credit in its pedigree, the 30-06 is quite possibly THE American rifle cartridge. I think only the 45-70 and 30-30 give it competition in historical note and the 30-30 has no military history to support it. I read an article once titled ‘Why I hate the 30-06’ I don’t remember the author but I remember the sentiment of the article. It went something like – I hate the 30-06 because it was the first rifle I was ever given and it can do everything I ask it to. The author went on to explain the variety of factory loadings available and the infinite applications of everything from a tiny one hundred grain thirty caliber bullets for gallery practice and pest control applications on up through antelope, white tail deer, moose, elk, and up to the heavy two hundred and eighty five grain thirty caliber projectiles for battling big bear. All of them can be loaded in the venerable 30-06. So why does he hate the versatile cartridge? Because every time he wants to get a new rifle and tries to justify it with a planned hunt etc. his wife asks him if his old rifle (the 30-06) can do that, and he has to admit that yes, the 30-06 can do that. So he can’t ever justify buying another rifle.

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The inability to lie to a

The inability to lie to a wife about the need for a new rifle is a tragic flaw in the charactor of a man!Yes

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When i first moved out here

When i first moved out here 14 years ago, I knew that my 30-30 from back east would not cut it for western hunting.  So, I purchased a Remington 700 bdl in 30-06.  I have not looked back.

I am very comfortable with it out to 300 yards, and further for bigger game like an elk.  I think with the right load, it's as good a gun as you will find for any type of big game.

Then again, that can be said for alot of guns, I guess.

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