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Grand Slam

I have been hunting with a bow, muzzeloader, and rifle all in the same year for 7 seven hunting seasons and yesterday I finished my first grand slam. I got a doe with the bow, a 6 point with my muzzeloader and yesterday evening I dropped another doe at 95 yards with my .270 to complete my first grand slam. I guess its been a pretty good season.

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Grand Slam

good job! Congrats.

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That's pretty cool! I don't

That's pretty cool! I don't recall ever getting that kind of grand slam. I have gotten deer with two of the three in several years, but never quite managed all three that I can recall.

Of course, my "recall" button doesn't work as well as it used to! Confused

Congratulations - that's an accomplishemnt to (try to) remember.  Big smile



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Congratulations Va Young Buck!!  Which one of the three did you enjoy most?  I have done that with two animals, deer and elk.

I shot my first elk with a 300 Weatherby mag.  A couple of years later I shot a 3 point raghorn bull with my 50 cal. Hawkin.  A few years after that, I took a big cow with my Matthews bow.  I wasn't after a grand slam and didn't even think of it that way.  I was just having fun hunting during different seasons.  My last elk was with a bow and I'm going back out after them this fall with my rifle.  I guess I just like a variety and a change of seasons.  Our archery elk season is in early September while our rifle season is mid November.

Another slam of sorts that I've taken are the variety of deer.  My first deer, taken 53 years ago, was a whitetail.  Since then I've taken lots and lots of mule deer and a few blacktail.  I have not done any of the exotics yet.  By the way, how many species of deer do we have living indiginiously in the US? 

Another slam I would like to get but haven't yet is turkey.  In Washington, we have three species of turkey, the Merriam, Rio Grand and Eastern.  I have taken the first two but not the third.  I think that would be a fun slam as well. 

Matter of fact, any hunting slam is appealing to me.

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That is quite an accomplishment

That is quite an accomplishment all in one season.   

Well done VA Young Buck .  Thumbs up

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Well Youngbuck, this is a

Well Youngbuck, this is a great accomplishment.  Please accept my congratulations, if you do still visit this site, especailly since you did this 7 1/2 years ago........

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Congratulations on your Grand

Congratulations on your Grand Slam. Since I only hunt with a bow I don't think I will ever do that. I do have another challenge to add to your list though. Depending on what your state allows as far as weapons go, and depending on how many deer you can legally shoot, you could go after a larger Grand Slam. Here is the list; rifle, shotgun, bow, muzzle loader, and pistol. You could even go into things like a crossbow, long bow, recurve bow, I guess the list could go on and on. Good luck in your future hunting endeavors.

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Grand slam

wonderfull youn buck it's a accomplishment for you thanks for sharing this information. Dancing