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Grand Junction

We are coming through Grand junction to hunt the 3rd season and were thinking of stopping at Cabela's there. Do they have a decent supply of gear? Can we pick up a Bull tag there?

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While it isn't a full size

While it isn't a full size Cabela's it has a good selection and should have what you need.  If you wanted to make sure just order it on line and have it shipped to that store and pick it up there.  There is also a Sportsmans Wharehouse just down the road from Cabela's. 

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as said above: pretty well

as said above: pretty well stocked and you can have anything you want shipped there for free for pickup.


And yes you can get tags there.

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Yeah, not a full size Cabelas

Yeah, not a full size Cabelas but it is still awesome. The mounts in there are rediculous... just like any other Cabela's. I was out there over the summer on a scouting trip and was able to swing by. They will have everything you need. One of the clerks told me a literally UNBELIEVABLE story about him freeing a mountain lion from a leg hold trap, hog tying it and with the help of his brother (they were both 13 years old at the time as well) backpacking it out of the hills and taking it to a vet. It was a great story though from a great story teller.

We were supposed to get a Cabela's down by my parents house in Wheat Ridge but it somehow got put on the backburner. Cabela's still owns the land but they have delayed building. I can not remember why. I think it had something to do with putting in a new overpass on I-70 and the neighborhood did not want it or something. I really hope they end up putting it in. It would be nice having our own "granddaddy of em all" on the front range.

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