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google earth on droid smartphone

Hi all .

Greetings all

So last season i had exceptionally bizarre luck using google earth to scout a fourth season patch. After hours of scouting satellite images with various overlays over several weeks preseason, my pursuit opening morning lasted all of about 32 minutes. I owe my first elk in part to the guys at google(!?!?)

So obviously when it came time to upgrade my cell phone i went with one that runs google's android operating system, a moto droid x. Finding that its essentially a powerful gps eqipped,camera equipped, 4 ounce latptop, that yes. Runs google earth and google nav.

The nav software is still beta and has mislead me ona few occasions driving around town. Curious if others have pushed google earth on a mobile device to see how it compares to the desktop version.

Still going to carry my garmin and a compass but thinking this droid win google earth could be real handy.

Counting the days!

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no coverage

That’s awesome… I love using google earth to study my hunting areas, finding new patches of trees and springs, ponds and tons of other info on there if you know what you’re looking for.  The only problem with me using the phone for google earth is…. No cell phone coverage on the mountain I hunt on.  Maybe someday??? 

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Google earth works well on

Google earth works well on the droid. But as was mentioned above, you need G3 cellphone coverage for it to work.  I would still rely on a dedicated GPS for accuracy as well. Droid/google earth are off by at least 2-3 miles on my unit. Not sure if this is a problem with all droids, or just my location.

It took a while to download google earth to my droid, but once downloaded worked well. You can fly around the globe, just like you do on the PC version. The resolution is good, but you don't have the level of control you do on a PC - or maybe I just don't have the right "touch" smile.  You can enter an address and it zooms to that location.  The droid saves all the addresses you enter, so to go back it's just "one touch" and you're there.

It's fun to have on the droid, but I would still use a PC to do serious research with google earth.

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I agree with cowgal, rely on

I agree with cowgal, rely on the pc google earth. I have a droid and have google earth on it. Its ok but another drawback is the battery life of the phone. They don't last to long when your using  things like google earth. I want to activate my old gzone boulder for outdoor activities, one because it can withstand the cold better and also the battery life. Just something to think about. Don't get me wrong, the droids are great and really fun to have, but I cringe everytime i put it in my pack and think I hope my screen doesn't get cracked or broke.

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I've been due for a new

I've been due for a new upgrade to my phone, and have thought about a droid.  I like the phone, and would love the chance to get GE and other stuff, but not too sure about the extra $29.99 tper month that they quoted me.

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Perfectly understandable. 

Perfectly understandable.  For me, the voice aspects are of secondary value.  Being able to hit the web and email without regular internet ... when travelling, etc. ... was the primary reason.

The GPS functions, with satellite overlay, has just been a bonus.

As for Google Earth, I've done some playing and agree with the earlier post.  The mobile version just isn't there yet on ease of use, and the ability to overlay BLM maps, etc.  Someday ....


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