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Good, small video camera?

I've been thinking that I'd like to try videotaping my own bow hunts. Not broadcast quality, just for my own enjoyment and to show friends but I do want fairly clean footage so I can do slo-mo playback and maybe zoom it with editing. But I don't want to get into the whole deal of tree mounted cameras that I will have to worry about pointing in the right direction and adjusting while I should be focused on getting set up for my shot. Maybe a camera I can attach to my bow so that it is pointing towards whatever I am aiming at. Is there anything out there like that? Not too heavy or expensive and with some kind of system for mounting it on a compound bow or ladder stand. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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Deer Ridge innovations makes

Deer Ridge innovations makes a mount that can be put on either a bow or gun. This allows you to just film whatever you are aiming at. I think the main problem that you will have hear is that you don't really want to point a gun at everything that you are going to want to film. There is no reason why you couldn't just pull the camera off to get the establishing shots and everything that you need. That is unless there you are messing around with the camera when an animal comes into view. You might have just signed you death warrant by having the camera off the mount. I don't know. It might be worth a shot.

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This is an interesting one. 

This is an interesting one.  I can't vouch for it, but according to the description, it even acts as a stabilizer for the bow.  Stabilizer video cameras.... What will they think of next?????



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