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Good night in november for Raccoons

Finally found this pic on one of my SD cards.  Thought I lost it.  This was a pretty good night in November.  In one stand, we called up 9 of the masked bandits, shot 4 and recovered 3.  the forth one hit the ground dead, but we just couldn't find it in all the heavy brush we were calling in.  My bud (the one in the pic), has been out with me before calling coon, but he was just amazed at how many of them came to the call.  He had a good time putting the crosshairs of my 22mag between the eyes and pulling the trigger on em.  I had just as much fun running the light and watching him giggle his but off everytime we found eyes looking at us.  CCI 40gr HPs are DEADLY on raccoons!!!!

10 Nov 10.JPG
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Good job! Thanks for sharing.

Good job! Thanks for sharing.

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Fun as all heck! Might have to give it a try sometime. Those litter buggers would bug the snot out of us in summer on some night fishing trips. Also, up where we muzzleloader hunt and camp last year had an absolute hog raccoon (he was huge) kept coming into camp at night and wreaking havoc. I shoulda 22 mag'd him between the eyes, think he thought he was a bear weren't even afraid of us.


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Looks like you had a real

Looks like you had a real good time that night...way to clear out some pests!

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