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Good Global Warming article

This could easily go in the political section too.  It's a good article that addresses some predictions that were made by "leading" scientists over the last 25 years or so, and what the actual facts are.

One guy actually predicted that the earths temp would fall by 11 degrees by 2000, resulting in another ice age. lol




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Yeah, but . . .

 . . . they all made a lot of money giving those speeches and writing books about their predictions.

Why, a few years ago, a guy even won the Nobel Prize for making a movie about the myth of global warming.

I can't recall his name, but I recently saw a bunch of his movies on a clearance rack in a big box store for $1.59.

It's too bad that people are so gullible to believe these modern 'prophets of doom' just because they have the advantage of high-paid PR men and the media on their side. Wacko


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