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Good caliber for pig hunting?

hi All, I'm new to the forum.. and new to hunting. I have a friend that wants to go to Texas this winter to hunt some wild pigs. Right now I have a .223, and he says that is enough gun for a wild pig with a 62 grain FMJ, just hit 'em in the head and it will go through the skull. I was wondering about your opinions. I am thinking about getting a .270 for pig hunting as well as Deer, but funds are limited being a poor college student. My question is ... is a .223 a big enough gun for the task? I'd also like to get a side arm while retrieving them incase theres some other pissed off pigs in the neighborhood... whats a good caliber for that? I was looking at a 44 mag desert eagle... but again they are pretty pricey. Any input would be appreciated.



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Good caliber for pig hunting?

Welcome aboard, It's a little slow here but a few pretty good guys pass this way.
I don't hunt Texas so I have no idea of what range a guy needs to take into consideration when picking a fire arm for a hunt there. I have my doubts a FMJ would enhance your abilities with a 223. I use a 223 for caribou and predator hunting. I like the range I get but the knock down power is limited. I have hunted wild boar in Florida and I know the shape of their skull offers a better chance for a bullet to be deflected that any thing else. I would stick to thinking about hitting vitals and trading range for knock down power if you are not going to go with a magnum caliber where you can have both. As for a side arm I'd get one that was comfortable to carry weight wise, Those big old 44's seem to weigh alot when you carry one all day.
Enjoy your hunt


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Good caliber for pig hunting?

Got a 12 gauge? Get some slugs. Wink

Slugs aren't the cheapest, but hey it will kill the pig and no need for a side arm.

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Good caliber for pig hunting?

As a Pig Guide in CA. I allow no one to come with anything less than a .270.
After all, if the merely wound this animal,it then becomes MY JOB to crawl into the brush after that very pissed off animal.
I don't play that game.

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Good caliber for pig hunting?

Being as I'm from Texas and I hunt hogs every other week, I would say bring a 12gage!! Load a slug followed with a single ot buck. Texas is a big place and you can plan on doing a lot of walking, you are going to want to travel light and be able to move. Even though it's a big place, unless you are out in west TX the under brush is terrable!!!! So you are going to want something that's good for close contact. If you don't kill it in your first shot, their going to be some kind of mad!!! They don't always go down all that easy. Forget the pistol, too much extra weight loading you down...especially if you have to climb a tree real fast like.

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Good caliber for pig hunting?

Never underestimate the damage a 12ga can reek... Seems pigs are either close or far. So if you're going to need a 200 yard shot, a 12 aint gonna cut it. If you stick to 90yd or less, better off with the 12. Buy the .270 anyways... You do NEED a good all around high power. Bring them both and leave one in the truck (depending on the terrain). Get the .44 later. BTW - I don't mind the weight of my SW 629 5" - but it's more for fun than anything else - although I'd love to kill something with it.

Those are my .02


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