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Schwarzenegger Faces Criticism Over 'Girlie-Men' Insult

Some good quotes:

Yet the "girlie men" line has sparked criticism even from Schwarzenegger's fellow Republicans. "Of course it's not a good idea; liberals don't have a sense of humor," Republican State Senator Tom McClintock said in an interview.

Big smile

On Saturday, he referred to "those girlie men up there in Sacramento," a epithet borrowed from an old Saturday Night Live television skit about body building.

I must be getting old. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago that hans and frans were going to "pump you up".

Any way, considering that the veepee tells senators to %*#$ themselves I don't see how people can get worked up over a girle-man crack. eye roll

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Similar from former gov. ventura" I can't drive in st.paul ,the roads were laid out by drunk Irishmen"

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Well, Arnold may be entertaining but even he has some flaws. He just signed legislation banning .50 BMGs.

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