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Gift Hunt a Big Success!
       Our latest gift hunt has officially ended or will when our last traveling member returns home in Wisconsin sometime later today. It was a very successful and enjoyable time with everyone having an opportunity to harvest a hog and two members of the group taking some trophy sized boars. Best of all, our special guest managed to take two very nice boars and along with that two large coolers of pork home with him. As an aside, he did choose to get the larger of the two boars mounted and we were able to drop his off and pick up last year's boar at the taxidermist at the same time.

Our first evening in camp included our host and owner of the camp asking if we'd like to have a "bonus" evening hunt, which we all took advantage of. He took our guest to a farm where he, personally, has permission to hunt but not to bring paying hunters to. So our guest got some nice seldom hunted ground to enjoy on nights 1 & 2. On the first hunt he saw a really big boar, but it was across a big creek and at rather long range. However on the 2nd night, he spotted a big boar in range and was preparing to shoot it when the guide told him to wait as an even bigger one had also appeared behind it. After the larger, lighter colored boar ran off the first, our guest took careful aim and dropped his big boar with a single neck/head shot.

We enjoyed a great celebration dinner afterwards which included 1 or 2 rounds Wink  of cheer. Night #3 had our guest spy another lone boar as it made it's way across a field and as it got closer he popped on his light to get a better look and took his second boar. That boar went down at shot one, but as it was trying to regain his feet, our guest put another shot into him, ensuring a no-track job in the darkness. Night 4 had me seeing the only hogs among our group and I chose to hold off on the ones that came out, hoping to perhaps see some larger hogs as it got darker. No such luck for me, however.

Our last night had my friend Don & I hunting a little hunted farm that was holding a lot hogs nearby and just after full dark Don passed on some good meat hogs to wait for something a bit bigger and his patience paid off with a big B & W boar that managed to fill his cooler up for his trip back to Wisconsin.

So, an absolutely great hunt made even better by the fact that our guest used his brand new rifle & scope to take two very nice big Georgia boars. He was floored by that surprise gift rifle and the other fine gifts sent by people who chose to donate a knife (two individuals) and sling. He expressed his gratitude on several occasions during the hunt and I am also very grateful for those who chose to donate to this very special cause. Although he was not a long-time hunter prior to this trip, I'm pretty sure that the camaraderie he experienced in camp with everyone plus the experiences of taking some very nice trophies has gotten him hooked IMO.

Hog sizes were 275-300 for the big brown taken by our guest; 225-250 for the B&W by Don and 175-200 for the black boar taken by our guest.

ADDED: I should include some more info here. The guest's two hogs were taken with a Vanguard S2 in .308 and 165gr Fusions (MOA) and the B&W was taken with a .338 RCM and 225gr Interbonds.


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Sounds like a great time was

Sounds like a great time was had by all. 

I met up with a sponsor for gift hunts for wounded vets this last fall in Fruita, Colorado.  For those that don't know Fruita is close to the Utah border on I-70.  We had a long talk on what they did for the vet and what he was able to harvest.  A nice 6x6 bull elk on a early hunt.  This hunter was missing both legs below the knee but that didn't stop him from trasping after the guide to get into a posistion where he could shoot that elk and from I was told he even was able to help in some of the packing duities down to the road to get that elk out. 

I saw some of the photos on the camera that he had and I can tell you that the hunter was one happy person to be able to get out and enjoy what he loved to do in the wilds. 

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