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Getting Water to Deer

I have a piece of property that has no water around it. It is on the west end of a big forest and deer need to go a couple miles to get water. I was thinking of burying a 1000 gallon livestock water tank and probably only need to fill it once a year.

Any suggestions? A pond won't work because the lay of the land doesn't work for it. A tank would work though.

What do you guys think?

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Do you currently have a water source such as a well? What climate is your property located? Desert/Forrest?

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Getting Water to Deer

i think it will work, never thought of that i have the same problem why do you think you will only have to fill it 1 time a year ?

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Getting Water to Deer

My friend has a peice of piney wood land that is so sandy it will not hold water.

There is no natural streams on it either.

He inherited the land, had it been up to him to have to purchase, he would not be owning it.

He logged off most of the pines for money, only replanted 5 acres sections of pines here and there.

He purchased some old poly chemical tanks that had cracks in the side of them for almost nothing. Found a bottom where rain water ran off through.

He cut the tanks to a depth of about two feet and dug out the ground with a backhoe and set them in, a little over flush of the natural soil.

He found an old farm with a windmill, purchased the windmill and disassembled it and transported to his property.

He set the windmill up about 150 yards from the new "ponds", had a well dug prior to setting up the windmill, hooked up the pump to the windmill. He then trenched to the ponds with a ditch witch, and ran the water transfer piping (PVC) undergound.

There is enough wind during most weeks to keep them full.

Below the "ponds" he made food plots so the overflow of water will keep the plots well watered and an extra source of food for the deer.

He went from seeing 4-5 deer a year to seeing 20-30 a year, he kills 3 does and three bucks each year off his property.

the clearing of the pines helped greatly also, as huge briar patches sprung up offering cover and plenty of browse.

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