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Getting ready for the hunt?

I am curious what the rest of the hunting population does to get ready for the hunting season?

Myself I sight in my rifle the usual 3” high at 100 yds
Then I take a 2x10x10 piece of lumber and sit it up on the ground against the hillside "in my pasture great backstop"
Then I shoot at it using the hunting positions- it moves and finally gets to where it is in pieces then you shoot the larger piece

10x10 is about the size of the kill zone on the big game animal

It works for me
Now how about you?

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Getting ready for the hunt?

I go to the range(s) every week for an hour or so. I'll mostly concentrate on my hunting rifles but will take other calibres there as well. Yote hunting is also something we can do here in the off season and I will take advantage of that as well using my big game hunting rifle(300RUM) as well as my 220 swift. No ground hogs(season) up here sad so yotes will have to do.

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Getting ready for the hunt?

i dont usually sight in my gun cause shes on on target every year actually i think i mughtve sighted it in last year it was about 2 inches to the left but i fixed that then i get the bait ready for the bears get them around then they know were to go

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