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Getting ready for the hunt?

I am curious what the rest of the hunting population does to get ready for the hunting season?

Myself I sight in my rifle the usual 3” high at 100 yds
Then I take a 2x10x10 piece of lumber and sit it up on the ground against the hillside "in my pasture great backstop"
Then I shoot at it using the hunting positions- it moves and finally gets to where it is in pieces then you shoot the larger piece

10x10 is about the size of the kill zone on the big game animal

It works for me
Now how about you?

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Getting ready for the hunt?

I shoot the service rifle category of Highpower rifle all year (out to 600 yards, iron sights).

Occasionally I play at long range with the same rifle, but I’m not competitive (800 – 1000 yards).

I shoot Highpower Sporting rifle during the slow months for Highpower.

I always sight in at the calculated point blank range for the species target area.

I used to fire at various ranges after sighting in for the point blank range to confirm actual trajectory, but I have enough experience with my rifles and ballistic calculators to skip this step. This only works if you have sighted at the longer ranges and are working back. Don't try it the other way.

I always sight in and practice from position (sling supported), never from a bench or rest. Impact can change markedly from the bench to a field position. I do most of my load development from prone as well.

I always shoot large aggregates. I’m sorry but showing me your three shot group with the bullets touching does not make your rifle a “half-inch one holer”. Show me a target with 25 shots through the same half-inch hole and I’ll be interested. By the way where does the first round from a clean cold barrel go compared to the rest of the shots?

But usually this doesn’t make much difference since I almost always hunt my bow .

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Getting ready for the hunt?

I hunt open territory most of the time and want to be zero at 200. Thus I back-calculate the rise at 100, and sight in with a target at 100. That way I'm essentially flat out to 250 with rifle.

But what has really helped me is shooting a lot with the bow ... I can do it daily in my back yard. Seems to have brought a certain smoothness of hand, whether I end up hunting with bow or with rifle.

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2 inches high at 100

that makes it at 0 at 200 yds which is the average shot most will get in the NW
(depending on where you hunt of course)

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Getting ready for the hunt?

I start really working out hard the first of August. I will drop about 20 lbs or so before deer season starts. Meanwhile, I am giving several firearms a good going over, and a few trips to the range to plumb up. If I get a new hunting firearm, then I put at least 100 rounds through it to begin breaking it (and me) in. I try to get all my ammo for a particular firearm at the same time. That way I am hunting with the same stuff I practiced with, so I limit the variables.

About 2 weeks before season starts, I try to get up to my hunting area and make some mental notes about the terrain, most likely locations etc, plus touch base with the landowners if need be to make sure everything's okay with them still. I usually hunt deer at lower elevations on private land. The farmers can be a real time saver on determining daily migration routes and herd qualities. A week before elk season, I head up and plant my wall tent in my camp spot on public land, that way I am not dogging myself the day before opening.

I usually hunt with what I consider my peers. People I can trust and I know are better than I am. If I invite anyone else with me, I make sure they are competent marksmen, they know the rules and will be ethical. If they are new to the lifestyle, then I do my best to help them out and try to get them the best experience I can.

Lastly, I make sure all my gear is operational before leaving home. I get my knives edged up, check my cooking tools and my survival gear and get it all packed up and ready to go. I give the rig a good once over, then I let everyone at home know where I am going, when I expect to be back, and what to do if I do not return on time.

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