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gettin close

Seven days and a wakeup til rifle opens, could this be the year for the big one? Any answers out there as to why it seems that October goes to slow? Good luck and good hunting to all you gentlemen{and ladies} out there and may your meat poles hang heavy.

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gettin close

Thanks swampstalker! I know what you mean about October dragging along. It feels like there's 70 days in this month! I'm already having sleepless nights. When sleep does come, its filled with visions of large antlers walking broadside.

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gettin close

Yes october goes slow, It wasn't so bad for me this year cause I went antelope hunting in october but september went by slow and now I have 2 weeks till deer and it might just kill me!!! lol

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gettin close

sure did,now we still have two weeks to go also.hopefully they go by real quick!!went out in sept an oct. looking for bear but to no avail came up empty handed,i hope deer season is more rewarding..(BUT NOT TO MY CAR)lol

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gettin close

Our modern gun deer season opens November the 8th October was to busy for me with 4 days black powder then 7 days of turkey season. Black bear opened November 1st and I havn't found any sign so far. I picked out a tree for deer but havn't built my stand in it yet and camp needs lots of work still

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gettin close

We are in the middle of our Bowhunting season here in MA. Shotgun does not start until the first week of December.
It's getting good now though... Rut is kicking in good.

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