Gassett Plans to Suspend 2005 Kentucky Crossbow Season...

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Gassett Plans to Suspend 2005 Kentucky Crossbow Season Expansion

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Gassett Plans to Suspend 2005 Kentucky Crossbow Season...

I sent an e-mail to the Kentucky Wildlife Dept. and ask them what we were supposed to do with all this equipment we had bought in anticipation of this years extended cross bow hunt. The reply was nice but I was told that some groups of regular bow hunters had complained about this new law and this is why it was suspended. I also told them that since much research had been done and that evidence that allowing crossbow hunting during regular bow season was needed to help thin our increasing herd numbers. this must have been a political move where the opinions of a few bowhunters spoiled the coming season for those of us choosing to hunt with crossbows on our own private land. My contact agreed with me and said that maybe next year we could get the season changed for good.
I hope that the powers that be in Kentucky will listen to their own biologist and extend the crossbow season to include the entire Archery season.
Have a Great Hunting Season and take a kid hunting, even if you have to borrow some body elses kid.
KYROD....(far western Kentucky)