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Gas Prices

I agree that innovation and invention are what is going to bring us out of the fossil fuel age. And I don't think gov't will be the one to bring it about either. Rather, I think the gov't is the problem. They give huge subsidies to large corporations who stifle innovation. Yet, give very little to small innovative companies that are pushing the envelope.

We need a slap in the face because, with gas at it's lowest price (adjusted for inflation) a couple years ago, we kept buying bigger and less efficient vehicles. That is not the reality of the future. The market is driven by the consumer, and as long as gas was cheap, we didn't care that our vehicle got 10MPG. Suddenly, now that gas is going up, do we complain to the car companies to build us more fuel efficient vehicles? No, we complain to the gov't to drill for more oil, build more refineries, keep giving us our cheap gas, no matter what the impact is to the environment!

The technology is already out there. It just needs to be developed. There are some hybrid cars that will outperform regular cars coming to the market this year. Granted, they still depend on fossil fuels, but it's a start.

donmillion, I had a professor back in college who taught environmental science. Some called her the "Femminazi", cause she was so green and far-left. Yet, she drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee-which gets about 10-15 miles to the gallon on a good day-to commute about 150 miles a DAY! She also lived in a huge house by herself that she said cost over $500 bucks a month to heat! Now that's hypocrisy at it's finest.

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