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Garmin GPS

I have been contemplating the purchase of my first GPS.  I have narrowed down the options to the Garmin Oregon 450 and the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx.  Does anyone have experience with either of these?  I know they come loaded with basemaps but can additional basemaps be installed?  Any advice or comments about these or any other similar GPS are encouraged.  Thanks.

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I used to work at BestBuy and

I used to work at BestBuy and played with both. The Oregon is nice because there are no buttons on the front and having an iPhone I prefer things that have large screens and lack of buttons. IF you are going to be using it in colder weather when you will have gloves on the 60CSx might be a better choice.

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Go Garmin

Garmin makes some awesome products.  Witch ever one you choose I’m sure you will be happy with.  Sorry I don’t have any information about the two you listed, however I do have a Garmin Rhino 530, the one with the two way radio.  It has been awesome in my fights with land owners about private property boundaries.  I get them to show me the boundaries on the map and them I show them the trail on my Garmin to prove I was never on their land… they hate it and I love it…