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Future of Hunting?

Just got through with a hunter safety class with my boys. Out of over 20 people in there, only 3 of them were under 18 -- and two of those were mine. Granted, NC requires hunter safety and that's a good thing. But if that's any indication of where things are going, I'm worried about the future. Anybody else out there seeing something similar, or am I just seeing an anomaly?

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Future of Hunting?

Strange..but hey keep in mind, there are billions of people all around the US, and i am more than positive that they pass down their passion for hunting to their kids, as a matter of fact, when i took hunter's safety course last year (i was 14) There were tons of kids, even ones younger than me!

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Future of Hunting?

It's a sad thought Expatriate. I know of areas where the youth are filling the seats at the offered and required hunters safety classes, so lets hope it's some what regional. I spread my hunting time out between Alaska, Montana and Florida. I have taken notice in some of the busier hunting camps in Florida a much smaller percentage of the hunters are accompanied by their children. There is one thing different for the youth today than when I was growing up. We have a huge percentage of single parent families. Many of these kids don?t have the opportunity to experience what a hunting adventure can offer. And with out a parent or mentor with outdoor interests they may never have the chance for their first introduction to hunting and fishing related activities. Just the idea of a child developing into an adult with their opinion of hunting being based on what they have seen on TV is a scary thought in it?s self. There is a very simple remedy to this situation, You and I and other outdoors types that may read these posts need to reach out and offer of these kids some encouragement. A good scouting trip can be a great time to introduce youth to the sport. Many families are so busy today making a living that they truly don?t have the time even when the interests are there. So if you?re a more fortunate individual that has the time.. share it. I once had a older women walk into our hunting camp at Tide Swamp in north Florida. She was accompanied by here 14 year old grandson. She said they had been watching us because she was looking for some one to take her grandson hunting. They were a little over 200 miles from their home town, this kid must have really worked on grandma to get her to help him in this manner. They visited with us for a while around the campfire and she left him with us and we took him back to his home the following week. This boy continued to hunt with us for a few years after this. I can?t say in this day and age that I would recommend the method grandma used to find a mentor for her grandson, but it does show the extremes a youth in this situation has to go to if he wants to pursue a hunting opportunity. One of my favorite hunting companions today started hunting with me when he was thirteen. He was from a single parent home as well as being an only child. His mother was a hunter herself. She was not able to take a lot of time off from her job to do much more than a local deer hunt with her son. I invited him along on a few trips with me and found it to be a very rewarding experience for myself. Our moderator here Kevin Rider just posted a story in the ?Photos and Tall Tales? section of this website about a few of the hunts and fishing trips that this young man and I have shared together. Here?s the url if your interested. https://www.biggamehunt.net/stories/The_Kid_Next_Door_09130412.html

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Future of Hunting?

Hit the nail right on the head jeff.
Nothing more to add by me.

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Future of Hunting?

Here is one study that sheds some like on kids and hunting.

I've read elsewhere, but can't find a link at the moment, that there are some types of hunting (like turkey) that are growing rapidly in numbers and many of the new hunters were suprisingly not raised in "hunting families" and were self taught or learned with friends. This implies that perhaps the "father -> son" link in creating the next generation of hunters is not as important as originally thought.

Ah here is the link, the blurb is in the middle about how they became turkey hunters.

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Future of Hunting?

Expatriate, nation wide,what your seeing is true.The average age of the majority of hunters has been rising for yrs.The only solution is for more people to get involved with educating our youth about hunting and letting them experience the joys of it first hand.If you have kids,get them involved.If your kids have friends,seek thier parents permission to get them involved in one way or another.It doesnt take enormous amounts of energy to spark a childs interest.Kids already see enough negative imagery of guns from the media,who sees fit to glamorize them on TV shows but condems them publicly.Not to mention the teachers now days that have no problem condeming guns and hunting as senseless barbaric bloodsports in thier (our) classrooms.I had a confrontation with one such teacher and the school principal.I basically told the principal that my kid was there to learn,not to have the teachers worthless beliefs and opinions expressed to my kids.This happened a couple yrs ago and the teacher apoligized,but I have no doubt shes still spouting off her opinions in the classroom.Without todays youth's involvement in hunting it is doomed to end.Sad,but true.