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Funny looking poop.

Keep in mind this is my first bear season, so I'm pretty lost.

I hunted this morning in an area where several folks have told me they see bears this time of year. The habitat seemed great, lots of lush grass, plenty of water and cover. I saw one pile of droppings that had lots of grass in it and some black fur... pretty obviously from a bear. I also encountered several other doppings of a sort I've never seen. It clearly came from a relatively large animal, was green with small bits of undigested grass in it, and the constency of it litterally looked like the soft-serve that you get at Dairy Queen (didn't taste it, though.) I found three piles that looked just like it in an area of a little less than 2 miles. I don't want to jump to conclusions and think that it's bear leaving that sign, but I honestly have no idea what else it might be. Anybody seen droppings like that before?

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Sage, the way you described the droppings, It def sounds like it came from a bear. I have seen many piles like the one you descibed, while guiding bear hunters in Northern Maine.

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Funny looking poop.

Most likely it is bear poo after they loss their plug they have to get their guts working agian and will eat a lot of grass and most of the time have squirts for alittle while.

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