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Ft Peck Reservoir Deer Hunt Information?

Hello, I'm considering hunting the Fort Peck reservoir area of Montana this fall in November. I would be using a jet river boat and camping somewhere on the shoreline of the reservoir. Can anyone tell me anything about this area? Is it all Public land? I am just starting to get some information and maps and would like any information that I can get. Thank you in advance for any information.

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Ft Peck Reservoir Deer Hunt Information?

We have some basic information about Fort Peck Lake.

On the page above there is a link over to the Fort Peck Lake website. Perhaps some of the contacts listed would be able to give you more info.

Good Luck!

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Ft Peck Reservoir Deer Hunt Information?

I live in Glasgow. Here is an article about Ft. Peck.
January 30, 2004

Paved boat ramps likely to be unusable at Fort Peck Reservoir
Gazette Outdoor Editor

When the ice melts off Fort Peck Reservoir this spring, none of the paved boat ramps there will be usable for fishermen or pleasure boaters. Worse yet, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has no money to extend them.

As Fort Peck continues to drop to unprecedentedly low levels, it appears the Corps budget squeeze has struck again.

Only last week, the Corps discovered that the funding to continue construction of the new Fort Peck Fish Hatchery might run out in July. Five million dollars was lost to something called "savings and slippage" and won't be available.

Rest of Story link:

Here is a link to a webcam at the Hell Creek Marina on the south side of the lake near Jordan. If you want a snap shot of the landscape


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