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Fs: Tc Omega .50 Cal Muzzleloader & Nikon Scope

I purchased this rifle at BassPro in St. Louis. Everything looks new with no problems. The reason why I'm getting rid of it is because I do more bowhunting than anything.

The rifle has only had 22 shots fired through it. I know this because I bought one box of 209 primers and there are only 22 gone. I only shot one deer with this gun. The rest of the shots were for practice or sighting in.

Below is a list and some pictures of what I have. I can email close-up pictures if you want.

I'm asking for $500 for over $700.00 worth of stuff.

Firearms will be shipped FFL to FFL or sold face to face in your state or province, in accordance with the law.

Drop me a line if you are interested.
Thanks, Darren

* Thomson Center Omega, Black stock, Stainless Steel (Item no. 38-897-646-50) - retail $450.00
* Nikon Prostaff Scope 3-9x40 (Item no. 38-881-945-00) - retail $150.00
* Redhead Hard Case - retail $13.00
* Weaver See thru Scope Rings - retail ~$20.00
* Weaver Scope Mount Base - retail ~$10.00
* One-handed Padded Super Sling - retail $23.00
* Sling Swivels - retail $8.00
* TC U-View Flex Loader - retail $9.00
* TC T-Handle - retail $7.00
* Cabelas Power Handle Plus - retail $11.00
* A few cleaning accessories
* 19 sabots & bullets - Mixed Hornady 45-300 XTP Mag and Other - retail ~$10.00+
Total retail: over $701.00

Additional Pictures:

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