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FS SureFire M952 Kit

Again yes I am new to this forum. However I have been buying and trading for years with like minded hunters and collectors and family and friends for that matter.

I am glad to provide any information to you , that you would like to know about me. I am 100% real, these items are mine and in my hand and they are part of my collections over the years.

This is a brand new surefire not opened M952 kit. I took this in trade for a scope I sold locally to someone and well I can say I got the more expensive item but he really wanted that scope.

I don't have anything to use this set up on so its just been sitting in my safe. My wife is talking gold for Christmas and well I figure I better sell this and get her some to make her happy. Cause is she ain't happy ain't no one in this house

I did look it up and it looks as if this coming with everything in it the extra bulb and all goes for around 600.00 new from surefire. I was asking 290.00 for the scope I had that I took this in trade for so I would just like to be able to get that for it. Yeah you are getting a heck of deal on this. But its better than it sitting here collecting dust.

I have not ever removed it from its package. I am in Ky if you are a local you are more than welcome to come check it out in person.

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