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FS: LOCKSAF Personal Biometric Safe (PBS-001)

Our Price: $299.99

The LOCKSAF Personal Biometric Safe (PBS-001) is designed to protect and give quick access to your firearms and valuables. Easy to program and use, it takes one press of a button and a programmed fingerprint to open.


The PBS-001 is made with 9 gauge steel which is twice the thickness of other products to provide a strong tamper-proof box. Four pilot holes in the bottom panel make it easy to mount inside a drawer, a wall, or to any flat surface. This added feature secures the safe and helps keep it out of harm's way or from unwanted curiosity.


Although hardware is not provided, the unit will take any bolt up to 10mm that can easily be purchased at your local hardware store. Bolt length is dependent on the mounting surface. Additionally, the flip top provides easy access without being hindered by an enclosed space.


The interior dimensions of the Loksaf Personal Biometric Safe will allow storage for items up to 12 inches or 30 cm in length. The PBS-001 fingerprint recognition window is located on the front panel of the safe. Each unit requires and is provided with a standard 9V battery that is located within the same panel under an easy access cover.


Constructed of heavy 9 gauge steel

Foam padded for extra protection

Includes back-up key to access safe at any time

Four pre-drilled mounting holes

Memory for up to 10 fingerprints

Black Finish

One-year Limited Warranty

If you are interested in this LOCKSAF Personal Biometric Safe – send me an email to [email protected].  Copy the subject line.  Or call me at the number below.