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FS: Burris Eliminator 4-12x42 with Laser Rangefinder

For Sale: Burris Eliminator with Laser Rangefinding Built In 4-12x42

Reg Price: $949.00

Price: $799(with ground shipping)

See Bottom of post for discount code for extra savings.

I am offering this Burris 4-12x42 Eliminator with Rangefinder on special.  If you are interested in other Burris Rifle Scopes - send me an email.  I have access to wide offering of products from Burris Optics.  I can get you a pretty good price on most of them.

4-12x42 Eliminator by Burris with Rangeifinding capabilities is in the leage of its own.  Stuffed to the gills with the latest technologies and near perfect optics, this complex scope is remarkably simple to operate. 

Pre-installed with over 600 commercial cartridge ballistic tables, Eliminator makes it easy to get a perfect holdover point.  The scope literally does it for you.  You plug in your drop number (you will either know it by knowing the type of cartridge and rilfe you use) or calculate it using Burris’s instructions.  Once you have it – leave everything else to Burris Eliminator: distance, angle of shot, ballistics of your cartridge – all gets crunched by the software and a perfect holdover is illuminated on the cross hairs.  You’ll wonder how you ever hunted before.


  • 1/4 MOA
  • 4x-12x magnification
  • 26 oz
  • 76-88 mm eye relief
  • 550/800 game/reflective laser range
  •  CR2 Bat


  • Simple Programming
  • Low Mounting Solution
  • Burris One year warranty
  • Over 600 ballistic cartridges compatability

Box contains:

  • Warranty Registration
  • Remote Activation Switch

If you are interested in this laser rangefinding scope – send me an email to [email protected].  Copy the subject line.  Or call me at the number below.  Alternatively go to the site and use promo code below to save $30 off your purchase in addio.  (promo FM$30).