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Frogg Toggs Rain Suit - A BIG Thumbs Up

Man, if you want one of the best rain suits out there – look at the new Camo Frogg Togg suit.


I say it is new… I just stumbled on to one as an early Christmas present (to me, from me)…


I was shopping for my bride and saw these on the rack.


I have used Frogg Toggs for years – but over in a marine environment… the first suits were all gray and then they came out with yellow, black, etc.


Now… I find this enhanced suit in camo and it is a great looking rain suit. Big zippers, good snaps, hood…


If you have not used FT’s before – they are the absolute BEST… very light, incredibly warm (as soon as you put them on), they fend off rain and wind like no other fabric I have seen.


These will wad up into a little ball and use very little room in the pack.


If there is a downside (I guess there HAS to be at least one) – they do have some “rustle” sound to them – they are not perfectly quiet.


This set was $65.00… I suspect if you search the net (look at Ebay!) you can find them cheaper than this.


I am delighted with my purchase and can not wait to try them out.

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