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Free Lead Jigs and Free Powder Paint

Hey All,

I have been looking for Cabela's $30 off a $100 order inventory reduction coupons. I make and sell lead jigs. I am willing to mail anyone who sends me a coupon 10 free jigs (tell me what size) and a 1 oz. jar of powder paint so you can take a stab at making your own jigs (instructions as well). There are 36 powder paint colors to choose from. These jigs are double-eye jigs for optional use with a stinger hook (just like Northland Fireball jigs). I use them in Canada every year and catch many more fish than others around us because the stinger hook catches the "Short Strikers". I am not doing this for advertizing, but for the coupons because I want to start building my own fishing rods and need to place an order with Cabela's soon.


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Free Lead Jigs and Free Powder Paint

I have one but i have to find it .

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