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Free Application Period & Preference Point Guide?

Does anyone know of a good location that has an organized listing of all states application and preference point deadlines?  I have yet anything that is free that has all of this information compiled in one easy-to-read location.  I know I can pay for the information, but come on, who wants to do that if they don't have to?   lol

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I know that there are some

I know that there are some guide services that will help in setting up applications throughout the west, but of course, I think they will want you to hunt with them.  As for private use, I am not sure where to find it.

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Take out a subscription to

Take out a subscription to the Eastman's Hunting Mags. They have all of that information in the members only section in the back of the magazine, not to mention some good hunting stories. They also have reviews on new hunting products which have helped me narrow down my choices for  a couple of new products I recently purchased.

I subscribe to both Eastman's Hunting Journal and Bowhunting Journal. They offer suggestions on places to hunt and odds of obatining a tag for a particular area. They're a good way to spend time relaxing after the season and for getting ready for the next season. In fact, I'm getting ready to send in my renewal this week.

Good luck and good hunting. Thumbs up

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