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Fouling in bore?

I have an encore and no matter what i do i can't seem to get this residue out of the bore. I tryed solvents like TC number 13, hoppes gun solvent, and also hot soapy water. I've run patches through the bore that are so tight they sqieck and they come out clean but i can still see a buildup in the bore. I do shoot sabots, could it be plastic build up? IF any one has any suggestions I'am all ears because I getting very frusterated.

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Fouling in bore?

I have a Hawken that does this every so often. I bought a bore scraper. It is a round disk that go's on the end of your cleaning rod. It is made of hard brass and has a ridge or wing through the middle of it (across the center). It is slightly smaller than the bore so it fits easly into the end of the gun and can be manipulated once you get to the proublem area.

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Fouling in bore?

i use a bore brush and every time i shoot I clean and clean again before i hang her up