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food plot

i have been hunting for about six years now and i am wanting to get into the food plot thing but i dont know what to use i was just wanting to get some ideas contact me on here or at [email protected] .com

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      food plot

      Well down here in Alabama personally we have had good sucess with winter rye grass and soy beans. In one of our fields the first year we planted soybeans as soon as they sprouted the deer left at most 100 individual sprouts on a field that is about 30 yds wide and 300 yds long. We had to go back and plant the rye grass in that field. The deer love that stuff too. The main thing to consider is what deer already have too eat in your area.

      Another thing to consider is the size of your plot you need to match or slighty exceed putting out enough food for your lands deer population.

      One word of advice: Don't become reliant on the plots for getting deer to you.
      Over the last few years I had become used to sitting in our fields in morning and evening and always being able to see some deer. This year it wasn't so because the acorn crop was so huge down here; that along with the weather the deer were hitting the plots in the last 10-15 min of daylight or even later. I had a hard time finding the deer any where in the woods around our plots.

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      food plot

      Check these sites out it has some info for what you are looking for.



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