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Florida Special-Opportunity Hunts Offer Quality Experiences

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Florida Special-Opportunity Hunts Offer Quality Experiences

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I have hunted these " special op" hunts in Florida. These places are worse hunting than the most overhunted National Forest. The entire state of Florida, only 4 properties are open for big game and you have to pay for the permit. The vast numbers of water management district properties loaded with deer and hogs are off limits to people and they use state funds to pay trappers remove and kill the hogs.

My last spec op hunt was the Fort Drum hog hunt where I paid for a permit for "20k acres of great hog hunting" 20 permits and 1 sorry ass 60 pound hog in 4 days. Ask the district employees how to access the back of the property since you have a valid permit and levees have been cut limiting you to 10 percent of the property, and they threaten to call the cops for felony trespassing. Makes me want to act like the sugar farmers and ranchers and poo in the everglades. Brick Wall,)

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Florida Special-Opportunity Hunts Offer Quality Experiences

I heard a few guys say they havn't seen any hogs in Green Swamp lately. I've never done a Spec. Opor. hunt, but my quota hunts have always been great. Never had a bad year, except for my shooting skills, in Tosohatchee, Hilochee, Seminole Forest etc. I get more action in 4 days of hunting Tosohatchee then I get on the private land I hunt. I would definitly suggest the quotas, but I haven't heard anything great about the Spec. Op. hunts.

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