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Floods reveal.........

This beaver dam was on my FAVORITE brook trout stream

The flooding blew out the dam.
This photo was taken about 100 yards above the dam. Photo was taken prior to the floods.

Directly below Randy Cochoran is a submerged log laying directly in the waterway. The log was submerged about 3 feet.
I told Randy that the year prior i had a brook trout on there and a big brown tried to steal it off my line.
Randy basically jigged a black bugger between the limbs of the submerged log and this was his REWARD. His biggest brookie ever.

Back to current day.
September 30th this year. Last day of season. Vic Karlson and I went to that beaver dam. The log was no longer submerged in the corner. It was outta the water slightly. Vic decided to fish it from the other bank. He crossed over and his first couple casted caught nothing. I told him to cast right up next to the log. He got a little too close. He hooked his bugger in the log.

I walked up on the bank above the log. Vic waded in to retrieve the bugger. Vic commented on how cold the water was. He measured it. It was 50 degrees. Vic took one more step forward. He shouted...."Len...do you see the big old carp under the log?"

I told Vic that a carp could not live in such cold water and with all the beaver dams on this waterway it would be impossible to get that far upstream.

The (++CARP++} slowly moved out from under the log and swam leisurely by Vic........

Vic shouted "Oh my GOD that is a trout!" It is bigger than most steelhead I have ever seen." It is biggest *&^%% small stream trout i have EVER seen.

With a swish of its tail it was gone.

Vic estimated the Female Brown trout at 28 inches 8-9 pounds. I had a birds eye view of the trout from the bank above. The Jaws theme was playing in my head the rest of the day.

Photos to come in 2008 (I hope)

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Floods reveal.........

You guys are the ones hooked Yes Yes Great Story Thumbs up

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Floods reveal.........

Man I wouldn't be waiting till 2008!

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