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Flighty ND Pheasants

Does anyone have any advice on getting closer to flightly Pheasants. In one of the areas that I hunt these shifty birds get up 1/4 - 1/2 mile ahead of me as we walk the field (even quietly).



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Go on a windy day.  If there

Go on a windy day.  If there is a decent wind, not tornado or anything, but a nice stiff wind, all the rustling and moving grass will better conceal your movements and noise.

Also, are you using a dog or just busting brush?  If you are not, then see about trying to use one, because the dog may be able to get to them before thy flush and hold them till you get there.

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Beats me how those rascals

Beats me how those rascals know you are there when you are going as quietly as you can with or without a dog under almost any weather condition.  The more birds there are in an area the worse it is because a few take off and flush wild and they then cause a lot of others ahead of them to do the same thing.  The good thing about hunting out in ND like we do every year is that there are so many birds we usually take a limit or close to it every day no matter what the weather is.  The big thing is that you have to use some restraint and not shoot at a lot of those birds that get up and go straight away because you can knock them down, but a good share of the time all you will do is break their wing(s) and unless you break a wing and a leg it's hard for even a good dog to find them because there is so much scent from the large number of birds in the area.  I was watching a show a couple nights ago and the guy specifically told all his shooters on a preserve not to shoot at a bird unless they could see it's head!

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