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Five hunters gunned down in Wisconsin woods

just heard on the news that the Wisconsin people are asking the Hmong hunters not to hunt the rest of the season. Yeah thats for sure I feel that a guy can hunt with what ever he wants with but let it be within reason. I use a30.06 180 gr. which is more than enough to kill a deer at 100 yds. and most of my shots are 25 to 50 yds I just don't see the point . Did you catch the channel 5 news on monday nite they interviewed one of Vangs neighbors she thought it was her fault 'cause she didn't try harder to be his friend. that sounds like the media is making him out to be anti-social.He probley doesn't speak english.
put him on a boat to Cuba

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Five hunters gunned down in Wisconsin woods

That's exactly why I'm addressing the irresponsible journalism angle. Where did this Hmong business come from? I guarantee because some reporter was looking for something -- so he went to a Hmong activist in the Twin Cities to ask if race could be an issue. In a different community, that's like asking Jesse Jackson if race could be a motivation. The press makes it sound like there's been a rash of incidents involving Hmong hunters -- but they can only point to two -- a fistfight and a hunter who claimed someone pointed a gun at him. Given the number of hunters in the upper midwest, two incidents hardly constitues a wave or a serious social problem.

Comments like "he probably doesn't speak English well" suggest folks are taking the bait. Vang came to the US at age 11 and spent the past 25 years being educated in American schools, living, and working here. Yet people are acting like he just got off the boat and doesn't understand our culture. It's completely irresponsible for the media to feed that misperception.

As for the gun issue, I think we as a community are making a huge mistake if we react to this by buying into the "no sporting purpose" argument. That's the anti-gunners trying to get a foot in the door with the sportsmen who have been thwarting their agenda. What makes an SKS unsuitable for deer? Is it too powerful? Nope -- we're talking ballistics approximating a .30-30 for the first 100-150 yards. Is it because it's a semi-automatic? Nope -- lots of people use semi-autos and using that definition condemns BARs, Remington 7400s, 11-87s, etc. Is it magazine capacity? Careful -- because now you're talking Clinton gun ban and you're opening yourself up for someone to define how many rounds a hunter "needs" afield. Is it 10? 5? Or perhaps we should limit it to single shots?

This isn't about the gun, racial tension, or culture. This is about a mass murderer who gunned down 8 people in cold blood -- to include chasing unarmed individuals down and shooting them in the back as they screamed for help. He killed as many people as the Son of Sam, and only one less than the Manson Family -- and took far less time to do it. It sickens me to see irresponsible journalists trying to soft pedal the story or divert it away from what it is.

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Five hunters gunned down in Wisconsin woods

Some recent developments that have been printed in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

In 2002, Vang was cited for trespassing on private land while deer hunting in an adjacent Wisconsin county to Sawyer County. The paper said that the incident occurred in April 2002. The article didn't address the fact that Wisconsin doesn't have a deer season in April.....it only talked about the trespassing charge. Vang failed to respond to the citation and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The warrant is still active. One of the shooting victims from Sawyer County reportedly told Vang that he was going to report the trespass incident to the Sheriff......Vang may have known that if the police were called, he'd be going to jail on the 2002 warrant.

Vang purchased 40 acres of hunting land last year in east-central Minnesota for hunting, Vang or a member of his hunting party was ordered off a neighbor's land on Nov. 6 this year, opening day of Minnesota's deer hunting season. "We kicked one guy off three times," said Jamie Owens, 22. "He came over the fence and onto our land, and my dad pointed and he got back over. But he did it three times."

Apparently Vang doesn't understand or respect trespass laws. He is fluent in reading/speaking English and was a member of the California National Guard several years ago.

Vang's in deep s%#t and he no-doubt realizes it. He's being represented by a couple of high-profile attorney's from the Milwaukee area.

Have a safe Holiday Season, everyone!

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Five hunters gunned down in Wisconsin woods

I am really trying to keep my cool, but why can't any of them &*%*% follow the rules. At the beginning of the deer season the St.Paul paper had an article on Hmong deer hunters camping out in woods in S. Minnesota and had to hire a Hmong DNR officer to communicate with them. Thats fine and dandy but before they get a license make them pass a test in English, and take a gun saftey course like everybody else. I used to hunt public land around the cities here but not anymore the last time I was out I didn't see a thing not even a sparrow, well i did see one squirrel it was on a spit over a fire and five Hmongs sitting around it. I shit you not!

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Five hunters gunned down in Wisconsin woods

I think playing the race card is pretty sleezy journalism. One article I read quoted a hmong group as complaining to the media: "Why can't he just be a hunter, why does he have to be a hmong hunter?".

I understand that. Its just like what people are saying in this thread. Why does the headline have to be "Hunters fight over treestand, 6 die in bloody shoot out" as opposed to "Armed trespasser ruthlessly guns down 6 victims".

The fact is Vang's heritage and whether or not he was a hunter is irrelevant. I agree to an extent with MNHunter that some of this reporting is the journalist and the editors making the story fit our model of the world we live in and is probably harmless. On the other hand, the main media is becoming more and more consolidated, making it easier for editors/owners with an agenda to direct readers/viewers opinions. I think the american public is smarter than pundits credit them though, people catch on pretty quick....

Fact is every year their are a lot of white trespassers that show the same disregard for private land owner rights.

I don't consider a semi-automatic SKS an assault weapon. Frankly though the whole idea of an assault weapon is rather vague in my head. I think the definition of "assault weapon" was pretty vague in the head of whoever cooked up the term too. But that's for another time...

Sure an SKS looks different and acts different than a model 70 bolt action, but who cares? One could argue that an SKS is (oh boy here we go again) "not fair chase", but that is pretty shakey ground, imo.

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Five hunters gunned down in Wisconsin woods

Yes he had a Wisconsin Licence to hunt deer for 2004 season per information from the Wi DNR , they also stated there was a warnnt for his arrest from Green County in southern Wi for trasspasing during deer season there in eirher 01-or 02 but had never payed the fine. of $244 and Vang did not have a Minnesota tag on ,as Minnesota does not have back tags like Wisconsin

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Five hunters gunned down in Wisconsin woods

Wow why cant people do the right thing? Now no one can use the stand and that is gonna be one hell of a lawsuit. And it makes us hunters look bad.

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Five hunters gunned down in Wisconsin woods

Why do you think that Vang guy was so good at shooting. Probably from shooting other people.

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