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First time back to Colorado in 10 years

1st season was the first time I've been back to Colorado to hunt Elk in 10 years. We had booked a drop camp with Bar H Outfitters in the Wilson Mesa area. Jeannie runs a great outfit and did a great job. All the people involved were super. Of course we were like everyone else 1 st season too warm and to dry but had a great time with four good friends. We were alittle surprised at the number of hunters that pack back in to the Wilson Mesa but our camp was set up next to a very good spring and alot of the other camps came and got water so we had great conversations with a lot of hunters that had been going there for years. Surprising almost all of them gave us pointers on where to look. 1st morning found myself below camp looking over a meadow we had found the day before well before daylight. Had set there all of 10 minutes when I heard something behind me as I slowly turned to look I could make out a elk standing 35 yds away. He comes trotting over to 10 yds and I can make out it is a bull. He starts grazing 10 yds away and I'm saying hurry up sun!! Make a long story short wind swills and you guess the rest. But what a rush! We have either sex tags but were all holding out for that big bull. I forgot how hard it is to get a elk no matter what it is. So after 3 days of hard hunting and seeing some elk and a lot of great country cow season comes in for me. So about 10 o'clock 2 cows step out at 100 yds and the 325 wsm finds its mark and 4hours later I have some of the best meat there is in the game bags. That night we dine on elk tenderlion and nothing has tasted so good in a long time. Great time with good friends, elk meat in the freezer I can say God has truely blessed me with a great adventure. I hope he sees fit to let be do it again and alot quicker than 10 years.

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Welcome back

Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on the elk.

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I've been told that elk is much better than deer - - and I love deer.

 Hope your family enjoys that meat all winter and beyond.

Thanks for the good report.

Better luck next time on a bull.


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Very nice story!  Congrats on

Very nice story!  Congrats on connecting with a cow.  Horns or no horns, it all eats the same, right???

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Congrats on getting the cow. 

Congrats on getting the cow.  She will eat very good.  Glad to hear CO was good to you...1st season hunters in our area did real well.

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Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your successful hunt. I am sure that those tenderloins were a great welcome back treat for you. That is great that you were able to meet some good people out there too. Setting up by a good spring where people come to get their water is probably pretty good for that... not so much for solitude probably though. Sounds like you had a blast... that is all that matters but hey, a freezer full of high quality elk meat is pretty darn good too.

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Good story. And congrats on

Good story. And congrats on the harvest. Did you find that CO has changed much in the last 10 years? My older hunting buddy says it use to be way better. But there wasn't as many hunters out there either. He says he use to see bigger animals and more of them.

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