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ecubackpacker wrote:

Congrats, SoCo. You're making drool.

Your're from southern co, right. What do you think about cow hunting 1st rifle in unit 82?

The east side of 82 is mainly private with small patches of BLM against the rugged Sangre Decristo Mt.'s. I've seen many hunters there on the roads drooling at big herds of elk on flat private land where they know their safe just below the public lands. They hightail there after the first seasons and rifle shots. Great elk country if you've got private access. The Primos guys film and shoot many of their elk on a ranch above the town of San Luis in 82.

Now the West side of the Unit between Monte Vista and La Jara Res. has more public land access and should be good for an early season elk tag especially a cow tag. We hunted there years back but haven't been there for some time. I think the regs changed somewhat regarding the area around Monte Vista but there used to be good public land access there in prime elk country. The middle of that unit is the San Luis Valley which is flat farmland and private.

EDIT: I was wrong 83 is the unit that San Luis and the area around Monte is. 82 is right above it and is mainly private with the little public land access rugged and not holding game unless you're going to bushwack into some rugged stuff. Like the other unit mainly flat valley private land. I'd look more at the west side of 83 if possible. If there's still leftovers for 82 it's because it's not desirable for the reasons mentioned unless you have private access.

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Thanks, Soco. That helps me

Thanks, Soco. That helps me narrow down my options.

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Nice start to the

Nice start to the season.


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Once again... congrats and

Once again... congrats and I'm really glad the meat made it out fine. Sometimes it is pretty darn tricky to get the meat out alright in hot weather like that.

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