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First Spring Bear hunt comming up.

My wife and I moved to Butte, MT last winter. We were here just long enough to get resident license's for hunting season this fall. I bought a bear tag just in case I saw one while hunting deer or elk. I never did, though. Anyway, the idea of bear hunting has really grown on me and I'm planning to put in a lot of time this Spring. Problem is, I'm originally from a place with no bears and I'm kind of at a loss as to what sort of places to look for them when the time comes. Some of the locals have told me some general areas to go, but the "East side of the Pintler Mountains" is a pretty vast area. So far I've been planning to do a lot of glassing in the meadow and park areas after the snow starts to melt. Aside from that, I have no idea about what sort of terrain to look for. Any suggestions? Any of you from Western Montana?

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First Spring Bear hunt comming up.

You will find good info hard to come by in that area,lots of serious bear hunters in MT and not many will want to share thier spots with a noob,seek out older logging areas with lots of mushrooms on the roads,park at the bottom and walk those old logging roads,glass all open areas that are on the sunny side,keep an eye out for shaggy mane mushrooms the bears cant stay away from them.

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