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First Season Rifle, CO unit 30 &32

Hello Everyone, 

Longtime lurker venturing into the public.  There is so much useful information in these forums it's amazing.

Headed up this week to some areas we've scouted in CO unit 30 around Douglas Pass and CO unit 32 just NW of Rifle.  Anyone have any last minute tips, suggestions or weather advice?  It looks like we've finally got some cooler weather.  The weather channel looks like some moisture might be coming in for early next week too.  We are all looking for our "first elk" so any helpful information is appreciated!  Good luck to everyone this season.


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Unit 30


Unit 30 has a very decent elk herd, but is a very tough hunt. Very steep and deep. The elk will not stay on top very long. So if you do not get lucky and fill your tags opening morning be prepared to hunt very hard and head into those deep canyons. In last several years I have seen some very good bulls come out of that country.

Sorry I do not have any hands on info on unit 32. Good luck on your hunts this year. 

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Both are pretty high in

Both are pretty high in elevation, they should be fine for this first season and probably second season, but particularly on the Roan (unit 32) if snow hits game will vacate to winter ground (lower elevation) fast.

Good luck!