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First ML kill

I got my first deer with a ML this past weekend. I was hunting in a shooting house all morning from 6:00 until about 10:45. I decided to come out and move to the ground becuase I was falling asleep all morning. If a big buck stepped out I surely missed him cause i was out cold. I move to the ground facing a large thicket area hoping a deer would show up. Only I didnt stay there long enough. I got up and decided again to move. This time I moved to an area we call the gravel pit, which almost looks liks a large pond that has dried with little parts of water still there. I'd say its about 200 yds across from side to side. I slid down into the gravel pit and soon as I stood up a young doe popped out about 25yds away( I wish I had my bow). I put my crosshairs on her but wasnt steadt enough, so I knelt down for a more steady shot and waited for her to step from behind a tree. I shot and she ran off holding her left shoulder up. I went to where I shot her and didnt see one drop of blood, so I followed her foot steps. I found her about 30yds later with a small exit wound that was barely bleeding. I was shooting a .45 CVA Staghorn Magnum. shooting 195gr copper aero tips with 100grains of triple 7 pellets. These bullets are extremly fast. I dont think the bullet even expanded. Well it worked alright for me.

I Still have more hunting to do

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