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First Elk Hunt Coming up....Advice? Tips?

This coming sunday I am going for my first Elk hunt. Actually, it is my first anything hunt. I know most people start off on deer, but the person taking already went for deer this year, so we are going for Elk. Thumbs up

I am an active shooter, but haven't had the chance to hunt yet in my 27 years. But I do hit the range several times a year, and put 1,000+ rounds downrange a year through my rifles.

I won't be using my rifles though this weekend, since I don't have a hunting rifle this year. So I will be using a borrowed rifle, which I am thankfull I have access to, otherwise, no hunting this year.

I have been doing some research, and am trying to prep as best I can, with the limited knowledge I have.

But I can really use everyone's help in getting ready, and making sure I am doing things the right way.

- I purchased some camo (Mossy Oak, coveralls, jacket, hat, gloves), and treated them, as well as anything else I might wear that day (underwear, t-shirt, socks etc) in Scent-A-Way, and now have them stored in a sealed plastic container that I had also washed with Scent-A-Way. I also used 2 drops of a pine cover scent on a scent tab attached to the inside of the tub.

- I have a good pair of Danner hunting boots that I purchased earlier this year, and have hiked in quite a bit. So they are broken in as well. I also treated these with a spray on scent killer (inside and out), and put 2 drops of pine cover scent on the inside of the boots. These are also sealed in the plastic tub mentioned above.

- I picked up an inexpensive cow call, and have started to practice with it. Fortunatly, I have spent some time photographing Elk, so I know what it should sound like.

- I picked up Scent-a-way or something like that soap and deoderant as well.

- I have been hitting the nordic track every night, just to give me a little extra boost.

- I have my license and tag (stashed in my coveralls).

So...any advice, critiques, tips? I am going with an experienced hunter, but I would also like to get as much info before I get in the woods as possible.

Thanks in advance.


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