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First Deer

Here is a link to a few pics of my 14 yr. old son's first whitetail.

He took this beauty on Friday 11/11/05,in Temple,NH

163 lbs. 6 point buck


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First Deer

Congrats to your son Thumbs up Nice deer.

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Fantastic job Dad and congratulations to you both!

Fantastic job Dad and congratulations to you both!  I know that when I took my first deer, I was as proud of that little fork horned white tail buck as if he had been an African bull elephant with hundred pound ivory tusks on each side!  Your son probably feels the same.  There is no doubt that taking our first game is part of what makes us who we are today.  Thank you for sharing the photos. Applause Congratulations on your success as well as congratulations to him!   There is just nothing better than sharing a passion like hunting with someone you love.  As much as I like hunting with my friends, my son is my number one hunting partner.  We bagged his first deer Thanksgiving morning and had one more thing to be grateful for! 

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Mike, he hasn't visited the

Mike, he hasn't visited the site in the 6 years since he posted this, I am not sure if he will get your congratulations........... lol

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delayed congrats

vermonster hahah thats pretty good