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First Buck Harvested

I was having a mediocre day, just returned home from taking my parents to a funeral of a close family friend. We hadn't been here more than 10 minutes when there was a group of does come up to some apples I'd put out. I was showing my folks how I call in the deer with the calls and antlers. As they were watching the does and babies, I glanced up and over to the edge of the hill side and hollard BUCK!! I told them to stay where they were and watch them. I went to get my Ruger 22/223 and slipped out. I was so nervous I could hardly breathe, and shaking equally as bad. I started to pull the trigger and noticed my eyes shut and my gun lift. So I stopped, told myself that is NOT the way to get a good shot in. Took a deep breath, refocused, lowered the gun putting the crosshair on him I shot. Nice clean heart shot. He only went about 50 yards when he fell. No kicking or anything. Not only was this my first Buck (a 5 pointer) but also my first attempt at field dressing. I did it all myself, and ended up with not one bit of blood on my clothing. Now THAT is a good hunt! I thought just maybe now tonight I will be able to get the sleep that has been eluding me since gun season opened. Until hubby came in, told me how many deer were in the front yard, and also told me they are calling for snow between 5--7 in the morning. Well....looks like another super early morning, and at this rate....not much sleep again tonight! What a thrill to have my folks here for my first harvest and be able to see the whole thing!! If they hadn't driven in from out of State for the funeral, it wouldn't have happened as well.

Going to try attaching a picture. It was COLD out, so I'm bundled up! Had my funeral clothes still on, added camo, had 3 shirts, etc. Didn't feel the cold then! Actually almost got too hot! lol

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First Buck Harvested

Nice buck! how much do you think he weighed?

Did you use the telecheck? If so how did you like it? I loved it, went very smooth and was so convienient.

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First Buck Harvested

Nice buck Thumbs up

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First Buck Harvested

Nice deer. Congratulations on your first buck. Now you're REALLY hooked. Evil!

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