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Finals Week!!!

Are there any other college students on here that are getting slayed by finals. My true finals week isn't till next week but I have 3 of my finals early (this week) and life is a little hectic right now. Good luck to anyone that is fighting through it. Winter break is almost here!

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Oh man

Reading your post just brought back a flood of memories and the feeling of claustrophobia I always got around this time of year and at the end of the spring semester for finals.  I had nearly forgotten what it was like.  I guess when you get older, manage a career, kids, household, and everything else, your life is every bit if not more stressful, but you're generally so busy just doing it that you rarely think about how stressfull it is.  Back then college was the only real stress I had in life, but it seemed larger than it really was.  I sometimes reflect back and wonder - what the heck did I used to do with all my free time back then??????????   I'm way more busy now in life and I still get way more done now than I ever did as a student, yet life was so stressful back then.  Anyway, good luck on your finals..

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Just remembering what things

Just remembering what things were like 40 or so years ago makes you feel younger.  I don't miss those things at all. 

I remember one time that I had to get a copy of my college credits for a job that I was transfuring into.  When I picked them up it reminded me of how much fun that I had while I was in school without having to worry about all the problems that come up in the working world.  It was much simpler in school than work.